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    “The thought manifests as the word,
    The word manifests as the deed,
    The deed develops into habit,
    And the habit hardens into character.
    So watch the thought and its way with care,
    And let it spring from love
    Born out of concern for all beings.”

    -K. Sri Dhammananda





    • Are you looking for psychic or intuitive advice?
    • Are you looking for more clarity in your life?
    • Do you need help removing blocks or identifying them?
    • Need advice in your business or career?
    • Want more love and joy and peace in your life?
    • Need help moving through physical ailments?
    • Looking for expansion?
    • Want to get in touch with the true nature of your soul?
    • Need help letting go of thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve you?
    • Desire total relaxation and relief from stress?



    I have an innate knowledge of the universe and its laws of creation as well as a fundamental understanding of quantum physics and have helped individuals from all walks of life.  With a very diverse background in business, technology, energy healing, and psychic phenomena as a natural born intuitive, I believe that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together. From my soul’s galactic nature, memories of past lives, to my native heritage, in my work I pull from many areas to accomplish our goals together.  My mission in this life is to teach and help others expand to and to get in touch with who they truly are in order to reveal their true potential.  I believe that love is the fundamental frequency of the universe and with it all things are possible. Contact me above for services and inquires….






    Every thought, energy, emotion, and belief you have is a seed from which the rest of your life grows. Plant the seeds of love and joy and witness the miracles that unfold in your life…